Mission Statement


Educate, Coordinate, Provide

It is the mission, and purpose, of SoLoved to address, educate, coordinate, and provide access to good hygiene to as many individuals in our immediate area as possible and expand our service area as able. We will provider other basic needs as available to our organization such as simple food and water needs when available for distribution. The individuals we will serve will include long or short term homeless individuals. Those individuals are mostly homeless due to mental illness or natural/ personal disaster.

SoLoved is an organization that address the basic needs of hygiene to individuals and/or groups in need due to environmental disasters, social displacement, and economic distress in order to combat diseases related to poor hygiene. Due to the nature of people we support, basic food and water needs are also provided when available. 

Proper hygiene can be accomplished through washing the body, brushing teeth, sanitizing, and bandaging existing wounds and cleaning those all help reduce the potential of many hygiene related illnesses. These efforts lower the number of secondary infections caused by preventable diseases. This will in turn alleviate unnecessary stress on emergency resources that could be utilized elsewhere in the local community. 

We will accomplish the basics of hygiene through distribution of home made hygiene packs while being sensitive to social issues such as addictions and abuse (ex: non alcohol/ inhalant cleansers and disinfectants).